Counting on you

Im afraid that you wouldn’t include me to be part of your life but im hesitant.

i cannot breath, that i am in this midtown of the new and can’t be enough to the time of the rare enough to this.

i am not in control, to the new


Social Media


What is social media? Basically, social media must be a medium that is found and used in the internet. Social media is the one that is intended for use of computer, wi-fi and other internet connections that uses sites namely: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Pinterest and so on and so forth. However, most of the things found in the social media are sometimes not true, and still subject for scrutinization or examination per se. Social media includes the use of wi-fi and other connecting devices such as internet or broadbands. We all know social media is of trending nowadays.


Based on my experience, we cannot have connections without the so-called social media. And all of our events and special occasions wouldn’t be in the internet without social media. So basically, it is very important to know sometimes, how the so-called media has evolved. We are here today, when all we know is we have no idea what social media is. Above all, without this social sites, we can no longer be using Facebook, Chats and the likes. It is very important to know that this kinds of sites were very significant when it comes to links.


What are the types of social media? Is it the Facebook, Facetime, Messenger, Yahoo Chats, Yahoo Mails, Gmails and the like. We are very fond of such sites, because there are lots of things which you can find in this particular sites. We will have the kind of making ourselves busy and enjoying our lives at the same time. We can no longer found the loneliness deep in our hearts without this sites in here. So, it is very important to know that we are just as lucky basically with that of others, because we are able to access on it.


For me, social media plays an important role in managing my time, my sanity and of course my relationship with others. Plus it could make us feel not alone and not left behind by the current events and other things as well. Without it, or because we are bored humans, we created such sites and from there we could find new friends and even new lovers and the like. Few aren’t aware of such because nowadays it is one of the very common past times of people from all around the globe and even around the metro.


Why we came up sometimes using social media when we are stressed, because in this sites we can see different kinds of sights which are new to our hearings and new for us to tell. Who says we cannot be who we are, since there is social media it is now possible and no matter what we do, it is a must for us all. We cannot be us when we have no social media accounts? Of course yes, because just through it, we can show to others what are not having in the moment. Love, and sounds are always been there.


Accounts on Facebook, Chats and many other social sites, can be known immediately, just looking them in the search tools and engines we can find it here in the internet what we usually know in the end and what we’re lookin’ for. We will not be ok without social media accounts. How come we don’t even know social sites? We will have common sites and all of it where just as basically known to be use worldwide. We are not that aware of what’s going on around the globe without the use of social accounts. We all know that kind of thing.


We all want it that way, and we all know that we cannot be of sense if we cannot be updated using the internet. One way or another, we all know what life is all about if we know how to search in the internet. We usually know what’s the latest with just clicking them on the search sites. And of course, it is all because we know for sure that this is all about news and the like. All over the earth nothing can be hidden and nothing’s been secret anymore. All were already an open agenda and are subject for public consumption. Social media plays a very big part in the industry of all areas be it in showbiz, business and of course advertisings and marketing and even online selling’s it is very common and well-known now. With the use of social media, we can say that we are very sure to get to know that our products nor services will be known and viewed by many others as well. How come we all know this this thing if we don’t have social media accounts. Even blogs and articles are very read by the public and of other people.


How did I get to sites I already know, if there isn’t social media? How come will it be of we don’t have social media? Even relatives and former classmates from all over the world can be viewed f we just know there account names in the social media. It is very helpful for those looking for ads and selling of items such as for auction and for sale also. One thing I found very useful with social media is I get to access other sites that can be of help not only to me but also to my family and friends.


I have a lot of ideas when it comes to what’s in and what’s not? What to do on a certain things as well. How well we know this kind of thing now? We have lots of ideas when search through search engines as well. I am very fond of loving it the way I wanted it to be if I’ve got to view my social accounts such as the Facebook. With such site, I already have my work and because of it, I’ve got to do my work as well. Thanks to social media sites again.

Anatomy for Life


I have been travelling from there and afar, but how’s life when you didn’t know when to start and how to start. Go on and on for the sake of all others. Time change and all that is fair in love and life.

3 Reasons Para Makaiwas sa Polusyon

Nakuha ko tong inspiration na to sa kapwa blogger ko rin. Ni-like nya blog ko and then nkita ko ang ganda ng blog nea entertaining. Kaya here it is, Some suggestions para makaiwas sa polusyon.

Polusyon not only sa paligid, kundi polusyon sa utak narin.

  1. Mag celebrate ng birthday kasama ang isang kaibigan. Isang kaibigan lang ha, para iwas gastos libre pa 🙂


2. Manood ng concert kasama ang isang kaibigan parin, haha..para gumanda mood mo.IMG20170701190316

3. Mag alaga ng aso. Haha wala na kasi maisip eh.. pandagdag lang. Nonsense lang eh.image-0-02-06-12794bfae6b683076dbee5ca809a5247d551c21c1021ff0694a38ba53b0dd26d-V